Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Janathon: day 22

After yesterday's school snow day (when I didn't go outside all day except for a quick Janathon run), today was always destined to be more active.

To start, the kids needed to get to school. Walking was too dangerous, the paths are still covered in packed snow on my estate and around to school, so they both got in the sledge, plus the big Bag for Life full of their book bags, lunches, and spare shoes, and I dragged them all the way: it's about a third of a mile.

And of course I had to walk home :)

Then another trip to and from school in the afternoon, plus sledge pulling, and I'd covered a mile at least, plus a weight workout :)

Later in the evening was Pilates. We did a lot of hip and thigh exercises today. I got "something" stuck in my left hip and found I couldn't manage some exercises. I'm not good at the sitting-down workouts at the best of times :(

I ran to Pilates and of course ran home again, the longer route. Same route I took last night actually, wearing my ice grips. Think YakTrax might get a couple of sales tomorrow. I should get commission!

Distance run: 2.49 miles
Time taken: 25 minutes
Other stuff: An hour of Pilates, sledge pulling!
Total distance run during Janathon: 74.17 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 16 hours and 47 minutes

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