Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Janathon: day 23

I can't believe how far along we are in Janathon now. Not long and it'll be over, and I'll be back to blogging once a week, if that :)

Today was a no-running day. I had a short unplanned run last night so I don't feel I'm missing out. Dragged the kids to school on the sledge again, my calves were burning today (we were a bit late).

In the afternoon I went swimming during my children's lessons, just 15 minutes of lengths. I covered at least 20, so that's 500 metres. I actually overtook people today, and eventually ended up behind a man with the biggest chest and shoulder muscles I've ever seen in real life. I might have swooned just a bit. Could also explain my speedy swimming :)

In the evening I had circuit training. The walk there was quite slippery, I've got used to wearing my ice grips so I was a bit useless! Hope it thaws a bit tonight. Anyway, circuits tonight was 4x4 stations, each station had 4 exercises (arm strength, leg strength, abdominal, and cardio), and we repeated each station twice. 32 in total. (Go me and my mental arithmetic.) My legs and shoulders ache already.

Today's Janathon effort: 500 metres front crawl (15 mins), an hour of circuits, sledge pull
Total distance run during Janathon: 74.17 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 18 hours and 3 minutes


  1. It does seem to have gone so quickly...actually going to miss all the blog reading and banter!

    Good session - not looking forward to going back to my circuit training - scared!

  2. The sledge-pull is brilliant! but I'm curious, how heavy are the children? ;-)

    1. I don't know how heavy they are, but they're 7 and a half and 5 years old! Not babies that's for sure :)


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