Saturday, 26 January 2013

Janathon: day 26

My in-laws are visiting this weekend, so plans for a run were for me to run early and to not run for very long. However, my in-laws both run too, and just before Christmas we all signed up to run Stanley Park 10K on March 2nd. My mother-in-law was keen to run 4 miles today because it's on her plan. I agreed to accompany her, since it's still icy in places and I knew a good 4 mile route.

We took it slowly in view of the ice (although it is thawing quickly so it wasn't a problem). Just a few walk breaks were needed towards the end, but we ran about 4 miles in slightly over 45 minutes. Very happy mother-in-law tonight :)

Distance run: 3.97 miles
Time taken: 46 minutes
Total distance run during Janathon: 82.90 miles 
Total time taken on Janathon: 19 hours and 43 minutes

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