Thursday, 3 January 2013

Janathon: day 3

As I write this my hands are still trying to warm through after run club. I didn't take gloves because it was quite warm at 7pm. But by 8:15pm the temperature had dropped and by the time I arrived home my fingers were completely numb and I could barely use my key.

Club night was a bit back to front. Beginners was at 7pm and usually consists of a run or run/walk of no more than 2.5 miles (all we can usually fit in within 30 minutes). Tonight a lady came along to accompany her friend, and she was quite speedy. She set off at a fast pace and was soon running solo. We don't leave anyone to run alone, so I sped up and ran with her. 3 miles at 9 min/mile pace. Quite a warm up!

By the time we got back at 7:30pm the intermediate group were starting to arrive. This group can run anywhere between 3 and 7 miles and at very varied paces. I was going to head home but as one of the coaches I sort of felt obliged to stay, particularly because a newish member was there tonight. So, another 3 miles was run, at a much slower pace! I accompanied a friend who is also coming back from a bad knee injury. Overall, 6.35 miles run in about 1 hour and 13 minutes (there was some stopping and chatting in between groups but I didn't stop my watch).

Also took my children on an hour's walk around our local nature reserve today. After a 4-hour ironathon this morning I needed some fresh air, and my children hadn't been outside all day. Wellies were needed, the mud was up to our ankles! When we arrived my son read the information board and decided he was going to look for a water vole, my daughter said she wanted to find a frog. They made so much noise on the walk that all wildlife fled for the hills. So we saw nothing except a few ducks, swans, and pigeons.

Distance: 6.35 miles
Time: 73 minutes
Other stuff: scaring local wildlife for an hour
Total distance covered in Janathon: 10.44 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 3 hours and 43 minutes

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