Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Janathon: day 30

2 blog posts to go...

Tonight was circuit training. 2 sets of 8 stations, repeated twice. Press-ups of various types, hamstring curls or squats on a bosu, ab curls with weights, star jumps, inverted row (using trx) or bicep curls, lunges with weights or kettlebell swing, plank, and jogging on the spot.

Pete was on a mission tonight to make us push ourselves. The motto for the evening was "failure is allowed". Which was a relief :)

Tonight's progressions:

- Full press ups with my feet on a medicine ball and, alternatively, holding dumbbells and doing a row after each press up.
- Single-leg hamstring curls with a heavy pole across our legs (fun).
- 16kg kettlebell swing.
- Heavier weights on lunges and ab curls.
- Squats on a bosu! (This is progress after being unable to squat for months because of Dodgy Knee.)

I wore my Garmin, which said I'd covered a mile during training and burnt 271 calories. I won't count the mile but those calories are a bonus.

Tonight's Janathon effort: an hour of circuit training, stretches, and a walk.
Total distance covered during Janathon: 95.17 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 23 hours and 53 minutes


  1. My muscles hurt just reading that! I'm not looking forward to my eventual return to circuits! Has to be done tho

    1. My muscles hurt too! Press ups are hard.

  2. 16 kg kettlebell?! Wow! Well done you :)


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