Thursday, 31 January 2013

Janathon: day 31, over and out

The last day of Janathon was possibly my best run session this month. Intervals! (I secretly love intervals.)

I joined our beginners group for short sprint intervals at a local underpass; we sprint fast up the hills and recover on the way back down. Because I was also going to be at the later intermediate session, I didn't take part in the session fully. I was "bike spotter" and enthusiastic supporter. I did run a couple of sprints as a way of encouragement and to give the beginners someone to chase.

At the intermediate session we headed to a local road that is fairly flat and well lit for some 400 m intervals. After a short warm up we alternated sprint/jog recoveries of 400 m, I managed 4 sprints before my body decided I'd had quite enough thank you. Splits of 1:33, 1:29, 1:25, and 1:25 are all around 6 min/mile pace.

Total distance run: 6.39 miles
Time taken: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Total distance run during Janathon: 101.56 miles
Total time spent on Janathon: 25 hours and 13 minutes

I'm so pleased that I managed to run 100 miles this month, and I've spent a whole day on Janathon!. I'm now having 2 days full rest before my half marathon training kicks in again with an 11-miler on Sunday.

If you want to know what I'm doing in February, you can find out here.


  1. I love that you love intervals, but I need to know your secret!

    1. You have to just embrace that short period of speed and pain knowing that soon it'll be over and you can relax :) (for a short time at least)

  2. :) well done!! Great last day of Janathon...I find intervals so hard and try to avoid them.

    Good luck with the training...I've also got a half marathon to do

    1. Thanks. One more long run after this weekend, then a rest week, then it's the race. Can't wait for it all to be over. Why do we do this to ourselves?!

  3. Fantastic mileage and good luck with your race.


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