Tuesday, 8 December 2009

'Tis the season to be busy!

Now my son is at school I suddenly have a whole lot more to remember. When he started school in September, the list was short and easy to remember...fruit, drink, book bag. Check! As Christmas approaches the list grows...fruit, drink, book bag, entries for various competitions, money for events & photos & handmade cards, costume for school play. Check, I think!

Well today I feel like a mummy fail :( I knew it was the school play dress rehearsal. He had his costume. But I didn't bring his 'home clothes'. In my defence, they didn't tell me to, but most mums had brought extras (are they 'experienced' at this sort of thing?!). So the poor lad has to endure standing in his vest and trousers for an hour with a silky cloak round him. And of course, the cloak is too big for him because I measured it while he was wearing a jumper.

Of course, I will 'know' for next year. And when my daughter starts school in a few years' time I will be one of those 'experienced' mums who turns up randomly with extra 'home clothes'. :)
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