Monday, 14 October 2019

Being poked with a stick

I've not managed much work today as I have finally succumbed to the man flu that my husband has been sharing with the family and his colleagues for the past 2 weeks (not content to merely share virus particles with family, it seems he cannot miss work because they would fall apart without him; they might all be ill next week and he can go to work on his own). N was very cross this morning when she realised she was the only family member not to have been poorly recently. I can almost guarantee she will be ill next week during half term.

I had a 2 hour sleep on the sofa this morning, but still feel like I could sleep for another day. Sadly I have work to do, and being self-employed in publishing means day-long naps aren't on the cards as there are deadlines to meet (the unsuitableness of day-long naps applies to all jobs, but employed people get sick pay and have colleagues who can cover for them whereas I don't).

I'm currently working on a paper about to pass for publication that will be presented at a conference on Sunday in the USA. It's a negative study (meaning, the intervention didn't show a benefit) but I guess it is important in that particular research area. The author is an amusing chap; he sent a provocative email this afternoon with a request to include a dig at a major US funding body in the small print of his paper. Obviously I'm not sure that's a good idea, but then he said this is the sort of thing that our journal is famous for, irreverant comments, and we are so much better than our nearest rival. I mean, who reads the small print anyway?

Not wanting to be responsible for causing a rift between a worldwide publication and a US Government department, I have passed on making a decision and sent the message to a senior colleague.

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