Saturday, 26 February 2011

A noisy house

My parents live in an old Edwardian house, complete with original features. The best feature is the electric bell system for servants, which my kids love playing with.

When we moved to this house, me and my sister were age 7, and the house had bells in every room (including in our bedroom and by the bath!). Needless to say, mum and dad wasted no time in removing most of them.

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Music and memories

It's been a wet and dreary start to half-term. The kids and I managed to get out this morning to the shops before the rain started, so we have had some fresh air at least.

The best way to spend a rainy day from my kids' point of view is to get ALL the Lego out and build lots of cars and towers. For me, the best solution is to stick iTunes on loud and clean the house.

There are several songs on my "happy place" playlist that remind me of events and people. Ashes by Embrace reminds me of when Jenson Button won his first Grand Prix of the 2009 season (the year he went on to win the World Drivers Championship).

Gratuitous Jenson Button photo  (image from

Gangsters Paradise by Coolio reminds me of my first year at university (I think every student I met owned a copy of that single).

And Valerie by The Zutons reminds me of my daughter and the holiday we had in Florida with The Family (aka, The In Laws) when she was 16 months old.

She did this a lot...
Whenever my daughter cried, The Family would burst force with a loud rendition of Valerie, replacing "Valerie" with her name (which fits quite well). They emphasised the "ginger hair" line, and it always cheered her up. And we still sing it to her now, and she still laughs.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to insult your mum

I had quite an amusing conversation with my son this afternoon. He was recounting what he had done at school.

Son: "We had to write what we didn't like about the village and draw a picture."

Me: "That sounds interesting, what did you write about?"

Son: "Litter in the pond, dog mess..."

Me: "Oh yes, they aren't nice."

Son: "And mess in the house."

Me : "WHAT?! What mess in the house? There's no mess, I tidied and cleaned yesterday!"

I'm worried now as to how he illustrated the mess in the house.

Son: "You know, THIS mess" he waves his hands around as I open the front door to reveal a pile of scarves and hats that had escaped the basket they're kept in.

Me: "I see, well perhaps you could help me by tidying them away?"

Son: "I know mummy, I'm going to give you four steps to tidy the mess, NO, TEN steps!"

Here are my ten steps to a clean and tidy house.

1) Hoovering the hall and stairs.

2) Putting the shoes neatly up the stairs.

3) Hanging up the coats ("Actually mummy, that doesn't count because you've already done it.")

4) Putting the toys away.

5) Moving the things on the table.

6) Putting the clothes away.

7) Moving boxes

And I didn't catch the last three, but I've probably done them, because, you know, my house is NOT messy!

Now I need to find that picture he drew...
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