Thursday, 28 November 2019

November 28th, 2019

Happy Bedfordshire Day!

Yesterday was Lancashire Day, when I always instruct everyone to eat hotpot. Now I discover that my second home county has its day immediately afterwards. Copying is not good Bedfordshire.

I have to think hard about what is great about Bedfordshire.

Lancashire has beautiful countryside, hills, little villages, dry stone walls, sheep, and the seaside. It has its own cheese (several types in fact), pies and puddings, and you can get gravy in chip shops.

Bedfordshire is famed for something called a clanger (not the 1980s TV show), which is like a pasty in the shape of a sausage roll, with two-thirds a savory filling and the last third a sweet filling. I mean, that sounds ingenious. Bedfordshire is also the only double landlocked county in England (take note Bucks, you don't count), so nowhere near the seaside but great in pub quizzes.

I also live in Bedfordshire now, so I guess it has to be OK. And it's 40 mins from central London on the train.
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