Sunday, 29 July 2012

Preston Guild Marathon: weeks 6, 7, and 8 training

Week 6 (July 23-29)
Monday: 6 miles planned but I missed this run
Tuesday: 7 miles (2 + 5 miles at club). Missed the 5 miler due to feeling unwell
Wednesday: circuit training (did the 5 miler this morning)
Thursday: interval training (actually ran-walked 2.5 miles then ran another 4 at an easy pace)
Saturday: 6 miles (was a very hot day so ran 3 miles instead)
Sunday: 16 miles

I've just finished week 6 by recording my longest ever run so far, 16.5 miles. Safety came to mind today; I kept seeing the same man around Letchworth and I was a bit creeped out. In the end I aborted the route I was going to run (which became fairly secluded at one point) and ran up and down residential streets, in case I needed help. I need to rethink my running routes and strategy for the future, perhaps asking a friend to come along for some of my run, although I doubt many friends will want to get up at 4am to join me!  

The other thing to note about this week is flexibility. I have a plan and I try to stick to it, but I don't beat myself up if I miss a run.

Week 7 (July 30-Aug 5)
Tuesday: 40 minute run
Thursday: 30 minute fartlek
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 16 miles

On my hols this week, so I've not planned runs of a particular distance, just to time. This is to avoid putting pressure on myself to find a 6 mile route, and to stop any family tension, so I can just say "I'm going running, I'll be back in half an hour" and that sounds acceptable!

Week 8 (Aug 6-12)
Monday: circuit training, taking my kids so they can see what I do!
Tuesday: 8 miles club run. Hopefully with the club but might run early for work and family reasons
Wednesday: circuit training
Thursday: some sort of speedwork or tempo session
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 17 miles

I'm trying to follow a principle I read on Hal Higdon's marathon training guide about running half your long run the day before so your long run is on tired legs, to simulate marathon conditions. It frankly sounds terrifying, so I might make Saturday's run a fastish 4 instead!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

How low in fat is "low fat"?

Sorry, this is not an intelligent post about hidden fat in so-called "healthy" food (although I watched a TV programme about that recently). This is me, wondering aloud to myself exactly what I can eat now.

My doctor told me today to avoid "fatty foods" (and alcohol *sob*) because my gallbladder is inflamed again. Darn it. My summer of camping trips full of alcohol and barbecued sausages and burgers looks to be IN TATTERS!! (I'm full of woe, just ignore me.)

My idea of fatty foods are those full of saturated fat: pork and lamb, cheese, chocolate, crisps, all the good stuff. But what about polyunsaturated fats? Can I still eat those? Nuts and seeds, oily fish? Can I eat ANY fat (I do love a bit of cheese)? Questions I should've asked my doctor this morning. Gah.

So here I am, hungry and craving that Crunchie in the fridge or a packet of crisps. I guess I'll just have to buy more apples.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Preston Guild Marathon: weeks 3, 4, and 5 training

I'm now on week 5 of marathon training. Looking back to week 2, I fell ill with cholecystitis at the beginning of the week, so that first weekend's long run didn't happen. I made up for it with a 13 miler in week 2, but it was not great at all (I ran the afternoon after a party and took no water, very bad of me). Two of my planned midweek runs didn't happen either. Oh well.

Week 3 (July 2-8)
Tuesday: 6.5 miles (2.5 miles easy and 4 miles tempo)
Wednesday: circuit training
Thursday: 8 miles (2 miles run-walk and 6 miles fast-paced)

The 6 mile run was complicated by abdominal issues again, this time I disagreed with a carbohydrate drink I'd had before I set off. If you are running for longer than an hour you need to take some form of sports drink or gel to replace energy you've used. It's a good idea to try out drinks and foods to find the one that suits you. I've used gels and beans before. I don't suit drinks, that's fine though! Now I know.

Friday: 4 miles easy
Sunday: 15 miles

On Sunday I ran at 3 pm, not the usual time of day I run. Plus, I'd worked out I had to be home in 2.5 hours (for dinner), and that meant running at 10 min/miles. A bit too fast to tackle my first 15 miler. Anyway, I did it but it was painful, especially in my right glut and hamstring. And I was craving ice water with lemon slices when I got to 14 miles.

Week 4 (July 9-15)
Tuesday: 3 miles sprint intervals
Wednesday: circuit training
Thursday: 2 miles + 4 miles, easy paced
Friday: 3.5 miles easy
Saturday: 15 miles

Another crack at 15 miles early on Saturday morning (4:45am!). Much better pace this time, only took me an extra 10 minutes but the slower pace meant I didn't have much discomfort. This run I took lots of water and a small flapjack for energy. I've not eaten Real Food on a run before so this was something I wanted to try. I didn't get indigestion or feel nauseous, so that's a good sign. Still had a niggling pain in my right glut, but a walk and a massage of the sore area at 14 miles helped a lot. This week I was craving digestive biscuits and lucozade original at 14 miles.

Week 5 (July 16-22)
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: circuit training
Thursday: 2 miles easy + 4 miles tempo
Saturday: 8 miles

Cut back week this week so my long run is an "easy" 8 miles. And my fourth run has moved to Monday in week 6 (6 miles easy) to fit in around family events. So week 6 will be a fun one. Perhaps I'll remember to blog it in advance too!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Meal planning Monday: 16/7/12

A shorter plan this week because weekend meals will be eaten elsewhere.

I was originally planning sausages and mash but my children have both just declared "we had mash yesterday!". I didn't realise it was illegal to have mash twice in 2 days. Anyway, now we are having...

"Pork meatballs" with chinese-style sauce, fried rice, and vegetables

(When I say vegetables, I usually mean tinned sweetcorn and frozen peas...)

Spaghetti bolognaise

I made bolognaise sauce at the weekend and there is loads left. I might let them have garlic bread if I'm feeling kind.

Cheese and beans on toast

I blinking love cheese and beans on toast.

Tuna and egg salad

Bit like tuna nicose but not as posh.

Don't forget to check out the Twitter hashtag #mealplanningmonday and the link up at Mrs M's blog for other meal ideas.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Meal planning Monday: 9/7/12

I didn't plan meals last week because we had so much party food left. We just ate cheese and beef all week. Terribly healthy.

This week should be more interesting because we went shopping and bought food.

Pizza and chips

Oh yeah, interesting! My daughter had a friend over for tea and asked for pizza, so we all had it.

Sea bream with tomato couscous

Hubs and I want to try different types of fish since cod is expensive and salmon from Tesco looks well manky these days. The Saucy Fish Co had a deal on sea bream with a tomato dressing this week, so I think I'll cook it with roasted tomatoes and couscous.

Spanish omelette

I'm going to make this, they will all hate it. I'm doing it anyway.

Piri piri chicken with rice and sweetcorn

Sausages and mash

Eating out.

Roast dinner of some description.

Don't forget to check out the Twitter hashtag #mealplanningmonday and the link up at Mrs M's blog for other meal ideas.
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