Thursday, 24 October 2019


I've started work quite early today as it's half term and I don't need to make packed lunches or shoo my children around the house to get ready. I do love school holidays; we rarely go anywhere, it is just nice to be home and let my kids relax and chill out and sleep a lot. Although today I have booked them both eye tests and hair cuts, so they have to get dressed.

I'm still unwell, it's about 10 days in now and I'm bored of being a bit phelgmy and hot. I can't tell if my hot sweats are due to a resurgence of fever, if the heating is on too high and I'm wearing a jumper,  or if I'm perimenopausal. At age 42 any one of those could be true, although I don't think the heating is on.

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