Thursday, 5 December 2019

December 4th, 2019

My son had an orthodontist appointment today; we had hoped it would be to one when his braces were removed, but we have another 12 weeks to go as his "bite" is not quite perfect. I felt a bit sorry for C, as he was hoping they would be removed for Christmas.

When you get braces the nurse takes you into a little room and shows you photos of all the food you can't eat while wearing them as they risk damaging the brace, plus some horror pics of what happens if you drink too many fizzy drinks. 2 years ago we thought C wouldn't be able to enjoy chicken wings, Haribo, or Coke Zero, but he has gradually snuck them back into his diet by being careful. The only thing he misses is chewing gum, which I have deemed much too sticky and not even to be considered. C had been looking forward to buying a big pack of chewing gum when we left the orthodontist, but he must now wait until the end of February.

Straight after the orthodontist we had a dentist visit, quite coincidental but it was good to have a different type of check up. Our dentist confessed he is not an expert on braces but is skilled in implants. As this was my first check up as a private patient, I was subjected to some lovely new investigations, like how much bone I have in my mouth (in case I ever need implants). Apparently I have lots of "torus" (tori?), which are bony growths in the mouth, and I can be harvested for implants if needed. This is reassuring.

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